Keurig K Mini Plus vs. Keurig K Mini Coffee Maker – Review Plus Buying Guide

We are coffee snobs, and we were addicted to drinking coffee from expensive brands like Starbucks, which our pockets didn’t allow for that long.

Now when we think back on how we spent all the money we could spend earlier on affordable Keurig Coffee Makers like Keurig K Mini plus and Keurig K Mini, and create better tasteful memories.  

Keurig is dominating the market for years now because it delivers products that inspire convenience and happiness in its fans’ lives. 

And as reviewers, it was intriguing to see what the company provides this year.

The world of technology deems pace as the catalyst for its innovation! When the upgrades become too minimal to produce any long-lasting impression, a monotonous atmosphere takes over.

Today, we came up with a detailed review of the two best models from the house of Keurig. In short, this is the most thorough comparison of  Keurig K Mini Plus vs. Keurig K Mini coffee makers.

Keurig K Mini Plus vs. Keurig K Mini Coffee Maker

Image Product Feature Price
Top Pick
Keurig K Mini Plus
Removable Water Reservoir, Auto-Turn Off, Space Saver Check On Amazon
Keurig K Mini
Brews between 6 -12 oz of coffee, Best for Travel Check On Amazon

1. Keurig K Mini plus coffee maker

For people who want the best quality and at less than a five-inch broad coffee maker, we recommend the Keurig k mini plus coffee maker. 

As the word plus indicates that this coffee maker has some additional features. And this quality makes this machine a reliable single-serving coffee maker than other coffee makers. 

We have thoroughly tested this machine. We are proud to say that we don’t have any significant bad things to say about this machine. 

With its minimal vibe, its stripped set of features and ease of use make it one to be put on just about every other shelf at home, without even occupying much space.

This makes the Keurig K Mini plus an excellent choice for the minimalists, who don’t want their stuff to stick out and instead want them to be there and render the magic!

Here we will discuss some excellent features of this coffee maker that make it a magical coffee maker.

Look and Design

Featuring a novel minimal look, Keurig k mini is the company’s latest take on design aesthetics. This transition from the conventional feature-studded design language goes in perfect correspondence with its 5 inches wide exterior. To us, reviewers have been a breath of fresh air.

We have caught up with the company’s intent to shed out fancy and decorated looks for more reserved color schemes that may speak to a broader audience. We got the one in black for our review, which for sure has stealth going all around it.

Consumes less space

Keurig k mini plus coffee maker is best for the smallest kitchen because it is a mere 5 inches in width. According to my test, it has such a tiny footprint.

This coffee maker is very friendly because you can easily carry this machine in your suitcase while traveling. You can buy this machine for a very minimal price as it is the most portable coffee maker.

Keurig k mini plus coffee maker has a removable and handy drip tray. So, this well-designed tray can carry a cup of liquid in case if you forget to slide the cup under the brew nozzle.

Pod Storage and Auto-off feature

One of my favorite features of this machine is that it has a pod storage container that can easily store up to 9-K cup pods.

In case you forget to turn off the appliances. There is no need to worry because, luckily, this machine has an auto turn-off feature that makes it more reliable.

When we were testing this coffee maker, we noticed that the coffee maker comes with a handy feature that lets it turn off when idle for approximately 90 seconds which, as claimed, will save energy.

Removable Water Reservoir 

After testing this machine, we have found that the rinsing and cleaning of coffee makers are easy because Keurig coffee has a removable water reservoir.

Due to its small size, 120V is enough to get a cup made in just about a minute, perfect if you’re running out of time for a rendezvous coffee.

Keurig k mini plus coffee maker is very easy to use. Just pour fresh water in a removable reservoir, pop in your favourite k-Cup pod, press the button, and now enjoy delicious coffee within a minute. This coffee maker is available in different beautiful colours.   

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  • Reliable and friendly
  • Easy to use and has delicious coffee tastes
  • Compatible with all K-cups
  • Amazing space saver
  • Only best for one cup at a time


Keurig k mini plus coffee maker is a very decent and reliable appliance for the smallest kitchen. So, you can replace your giant old machine with this mini plus coffee maker. I highly recommended you buy this machine because it produces tasty and hot coffee. After my experience, I found it to be very portable and friendly while travelling. We can say that the Keurig k mini plus coffee maker is a simple, inexpensive single-serve coffee maker that’s well worth your time and money.

2. Keurig K Mini Coffee Maker 

Serving a new market of consumers, Keurig K-Mini is the latest edition of its coffee makers range. And well, as a spoiler alert, it may just be the perfect product you need.

There is nothing more satisfying than that ‘cup of Joe’ after a long and hard day at work. But the secret to making good coffee doesn’t lie in the quality of coffee beans used (though that helps!) It lies in the type of coffee maker used. 

There are not many coffee makers that can make gourmet coffee. Therefore, these types of good coffee makers deserve an excellent description. After testing many coffee makers, we found that one such coffee maker was the Keurig K Mini, Coffee Maker.


For less than the cost of a night’s stay in a three-star hotel, you can brew gourmet coffee in the comfort of your own home without paying gourmet prices for it. 

You may never visit Starbucks or any other coffee shop that brews gourmet coffee again once you’ve been brewing coffee regularly with the Keurig K Mini Coffee Maker.

What distinguishes the Keurig K Mini Coffee Makeris its elegant but straightforward engineering and design. Unlike the case with many other coffee makers, you don’t need to be a qualified individual to understand how to use it. 

Perfect Single Serve coffee maker

We found that it brews one cup of coffee at a time in special K cups.  

This coffee maker is perfect for those who don’t need heavy use from a coffee maker. This makes the Keurig K Mini Coffee Makerperfect for those who work in smaller businesses, college students, and smaller families.

What makes it an excellent coffee maker is that anyone can learn how to make good coffee with the Keurig K Mini Coffee Maker. A press of a button is all that it takes for fantastic coffee. This coffee maker is compact. 

Space Effective

This makes it perfect for smaller rooms, kitchens, and office spaces. It also works great in hotel rooms. Now, you can get great coffee when on a business trip with the Keurig K Mini Coffee Maker.

Making coffee is as easy as refilling water, adding the K cup, turning it on, and voila… got a cup full of java ready!  

In fact, in our test, we found that it made par excellence coffee; what was even better was that it easily fit in a coffee mug. We also found that it works best with Keurig-K cup pods. 

Drip Tray Available

It comes with a detachable drip tray which is great for catching and storing coffee spilled during the brewing process. You can quickly dispose of this in a sink.

The Keurig K Mini Coffee Maker conserves energy as it brews your coffee. You’ll notice the difference in your energy and electricity bills within a month!

That could have been better because tiny non-removable water tanks may vary off a few people for not offering a substantial amount of storage. You need to fill it every single time!

Additionally, we also believe that the company could’ve provided a more comprehensive range of controls for regulating temperature and strength.

  • Easy to use
  • Brews between 6 -12 oz of coffee
  • Is efficient with water during each brew
  • Can’t control the strength of the coffee brewed


Those who want the most to get done in the least time can relish Keurig K-Mini to a massive extent, as some of our team members did. For everyday use of a not-so-heavy-on-coffee guy, this is the thing that can sit there all day and deliver when needed. Its versatile ability to be put just about anywhere and being cost-effective is indeed one of the company’s many hallmarks.

3. Keurig K Mini Plus vs. Keurig K Mini  – Ultimate Buying Guide

Indeed, people think that Keurig K Mini Plus and Keurig K Mini are similar-looking models to have the same features. If you were one of them, then after reading our article, I am sure that your perspective must have changed. Still, if you cannot decide which Keurig Model you should buy, then here is an ultimate guide that will help you for sure.

Strength control

Strength Control is one of the most popular and demanded features among the minimalist generation. It has been found in a recent survey that 40% of the current generation drinks more robust brewed coffee than the previous generation. Unfortunately, Keurig K mini doesn’t have that feature, but Keurig K mini plus does have this feature. 

So, suppose you are also one of the minimalists who like to drink strong coffee. In that case, you should again go with Keurig K mini plus, and if you want to have mild or medium strength coffee, then Keurig K mini will be the right pick for you.

Pod Storage

When we dispatched the Keurig K Mini plus for review, we found that the Keurig K Mini Plus had additional space to store K-Cups. We found that this coffee maker can store 9 K-Cups in the lower bottom of its body during our test. 

This feature can be handy for you if you have space issues at your residence or at any other place where you wish to set-up your Coffee maker. 

We tried to find this feature in Keurig K Mini also, but unfortunately, we couldn’t. This feature gives an upper edge to the Keurig K Mini plus over the Keurig K mini.

Water Reservoir

Water Reservoir is one of the most prominent features you should not overlook if you are going to buy a coffee maker. Nowadays, it has become a trend to have a removable water reservoir in your coffee maker. But there is a reason why coffee lovers make this feature a trend.

Having a removable water reservoir eases the cleaning process of the coffee maker. Additionally, it helps in the easy filling of water each time as compared to a non-removable water reservoir.

This particular feature is available in Keurig K Mini plus, but Keurig K Mini doesn’t have this feature. If you are primarily looking for this feature in the coffee maker you wish to buy, you should go with Keurig K Mini plus.

4. The Key Takeaway

In the end, it all depends entirely on you to go with Keurig K Mini plus or Keurig K Mini. It is because both are good in their way. If you are still in a dilemma, it is advisable to look one more time and analyse your needs and your main purpose because you want to buy this coffee maker.

It is evident that in most cases, the Plus version is always better than the non-plus. However, everyone’s expectations are different from their coffee maker because everyone’s purpose is different. So, it is essential to know for what purpose you are going to use that coffee maker.

For example, some coffee snobs want to buy coffee makers for their personal use at home, some want to buy for their office use, some want to give them to their dear friends, family or some people help others by providing such valuable products to charity, and the sky’s the limit. 

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