About Us

Welcome to our page Grind Break Coffee. We hope that we can cater to your needs and questions related to coffee and its products. Our team here is always present for you to guide you through this aromas path of reality.

Don’t’ worry even if you are a beginner to this heavenly creation of a ‘professional’ who’s been savouring it since ages, you will find all your answers here. Our association with coffee starts with our student days, usually when we have to pull all-nighters just before the exam or complete a lengthy assignment.

Gosh! Those assignments, no matter how much time was given, we completed our work on the last day only. It was thanks to gallons of different varieties of coffee than we drank, helped us sail through these rough seas.

But as we mature with age, we know that everything should be in moderation and drink coffee for the sake of pleasure rather than a necessity. Here on Grind Break Coffee, as the name suggests we grind a lot to find out new flavours to taste.

The best espresso machines out there to make us a perfect morning pleasantry, single-serve makers and the beans available in a particular region, whether that bean is something exclusive for which we have to have a day trip before we can taste its richness.

Our mission here is to cater to the exact needs, be it a beginner or be a coffee devotee. We will take you on a journey of the history, the methods to brew it, the appliances that are available for the same, the flavours, the science behind growing coffee beans; you name it, and we will educate you.

We will not force you to take up coffee instead try to give you a perspective based on facts and experiences, and in the end, you decide whether coffee is as ‘heavenly’ as acclaimed.
Look around the page, read some articles of your choice and give us some feedback.

Constructive feedback is always appreciated and will help each one of us to grow collectively. We appreciate your comments and suggestions, and we will always look out for the next best thing in coffee.