Best Self-Dispensing Coffee Maker 2020 – Full Buyer’s Guide

It is not uncommon, everyone wants their coffee to be made in minutes without putting in much effort. It doesn’t matter if it is morning or evening or whether you are at home or office, coffee lovers want their coffee in minutes. 

It is divine to see your coffee getting ready automatically while you are doing some other important stuff. We have tested many coffee makers for the same purpose, each coffee maker has its pros and cons as usually, every product has. 

We have selected 5 best self-dispensing coffee makers for every kind of people according to their needs like we have selected Cuisinart SS-10P1 for the people who can pre-set their coffee requirements according to their moods or schedule and can cope-up with high mechanisms and Royal Brew Nitro for those people who have a definite taste of nitro coffee and wants their coffee every time just on a single tap. 

Best Self-dispensing Coffee Maker

Image Product Feature Price
Top Pick
Cuisinart SS-10P1
Brews multiple cup sizes, Large 52 oz. Water Reservoir, Dispense Hot Water Check On Amazon
Gastrorag 100
Brews 2 cups per minute, Corrosion-free stainless steel, Double-wall insulated tank Check On Amazon
Cuisinart SS-15BKS
Brew strength control, Gold-tone Coffee filter, Fully automatic 24-hour brew star Check On Amazon
Keurig K-Select
Brews multiple cup sizes, Large 52 oz. Water Reservoir, Dispense Hot Water Check On Amazon
Royal Brew Nitro
Stout Creamer Faucet, 2x Cleaning Brushes, Cartridge holder casing Check On Amazon

1. Cuisinart SS-10P1 Premium Single-Serve Coffeemaker – Best Coffee Maker For Home

No doubt, It is the most beautiful coffee maker we have come across while we were testing different kinds of the same. It is highly functional and provides a variety of features at the same time. Also, it is a very lightweight model compared to other models of the same company.

The most amazing feature of this model is its “Hot water button” feature. We put a fully chilled glass of water to test the functionality of this model and we were amazed, the coffee cup got full under 60 seconds. You don’t have to wait for the water to heat up at all.

They removed the blue LED light which comes in most of the Cuisinart models that highlights how much water is remaining in the coffee maker but for some reason, the company has removed the LED light in this model.

We have found that it fills a variety of Cup sizes and it never shutdowns, so it is very reliable at the same time. We noticed that the capacity of the water tank of this model is quite excellent which makes it easy to serve different cup sizes on demand.

  • Exclusive Hot water button feature
  • Brew time is very low
  • Large Water Tank
  • No LED light


Although, it is a single cup coffee maker it is best in its way. It gives a hot and mouth burning coffee immediately with a great taste. At the same time, the mechanics of the coffee maker is very easy to use. 

2. Gastrorag 100 Cup Commercial Coffee Urn – Best Coffee Maker For Office

If you are looking for a Coffee maker especially for your office then you will love Gastrorag 100 Cup Commercial Coffee Urn. It is a highly efficient coffee maker that can brew up to 2 cups per minute.

The best thing we found about that product is that it’s very convenient and very easy to use. It does not have any fancy mechanisms instead it has an easy press lever that will pull out coffee for you.

In terms of endurance, it is an excellent product. We have found that it comes with stainless steel which makes it durable for long term use. It keeps the coffee hot for a long period. In our test, we have found that it can keep the coffee hot for up to 3 hours or even more sometimes.

We also found that Gastrorag 100 is very easy to carry and also convenient to transport coffee at the same time because of its cool-touch, heavy-duty plastic handles and locking lids which make sure that the coffee never spills during the transport.

  • High Endurance
  • Convenient and easy to use
  • Best to serve large groups
  • Design can be improved


In a nutshell, We loved its easy to read level marks feature. It allows the user to add the right amount of water according to its taste. Also, it has a water level window right in the middle of the coffee maker which tells the user when he needs to refill the coffee maker and when he doesn’t.

3. Cuisinart SS-15BKS Coffee Center Maker – Best Automatic Coffee Maker

If you are looking for a fully automatic coffee maker with high mechanisms and the latest features then it will be a great pick for you. It doesn’t matter, if you are living alone or living with a family, this coffee maker will fulfill all your needs.

On the product page, it is mentioned that product dimensions are 11.8 x 12.9 x 16.6 inches but when we are testing the Cuisinart SS-15BKS then we found that the actual dimensions of the product are 10.5 x 10.5 x 14.5 inches.

We loved one thing while we were testing the product and that is it is very easy to clean. Since it comes with stainless steel so that you can easily wipe off any accumulated dust on the coffee maker regularly with a dry cloth.

One little thing that created a little problem for us is that it was a little hard to refill the coffee maker. We have asked the company to change the side of the reservoir so that it will not be inconvenient for users to refill the coffee maker. So, it will not create much trouble for you in the future.

  • Fully automatic
  • Great for family use
  • Easy to clean
  • Little hard to refill


We have tested the Cuisinart SS-15BKS for a few weeks and we have faced no issues till now. We have read some reviews like it’s helpful to push the pod firmly down on the lower spike before pressing down the top otherwise the pod will explode but we have not faced such kind of issue even once.

4. Keurig K-Select Coffee Maker – Best Quality and Lightweight Coffee Maker

If you are the one who loves strong coffee in the morning or not only in the morning, every single time then this coffee maker is especially for you.

The most amazing feature of this coffee maker is its “strong brew” feature. Yes, there is a separate feature for the persons who like really strong coffee with high intensity and when we taste the coffee, it tastes damn good.

It comes with four different cup sizes are 6,8,10 and 12oz so it will help you to make the perfect coffee for you every single time. It makes very little noise as compared to other coffee makers. It only makes some noise when the coffee is dipped into the cup but that’s pretty usual.

The one thing we have noticed is that sometimes in this coffee maker water flows out of the cup even before we have pressed any button so that’s a thing where this Keurig K-Select lacks but the issue is not so major. With a few settings and hacks, the issue can be solved easily.

However, you can also read other Keurig comparisons here

  • Exclusive “Strong brew” feature
  • Different cup sizes
  • Very lightweight
  • Water flows out sometimes


We have found that it is a very lightweight Keurig coffee maker because generally, Keurig coffee makers are not so lightweight. That’s one more thing which we liked about this coffee maker the most. Overall, it is an excellent self-dispensing coffee maker and we have faced no major issues till now.

Royal Brew Nitro Cold Brew Coffee Make – Best Nitro Coffee Maker

If you are the one who pays a lot of your sum to famous coffee brands like Starbucks for just having a cup of Nitro coffee daily, then our next recommendation is gonna be a mind-blowing deal for you. You can brew your own Nitro coffee at home in just a few seconds with the Royal Brew Nitro coffee maker.

The most amazing feature of this coffee maker is its “NITRO BREW” feature and that’s the only feature because of which people buy this coffee maker. We have used the coffee maker for almost more than a month and we completely loved it.

There are two cartridges namely N20 and N2 cartridges sold separately which you can use with this Royal Brew coffee maker. We have experienced that it gives an amazing “frothy” coffee taste when you use N20 Cartridges and if you are habitual to Starbucks Nitro coffee then you can go with N2.

When we first used this coffee maker then we noticed that it isn’t giving any form or cream on the nitro coffee. We have emailed the company and asked them the same question. The support was really fast and reliable. They told us that the key to the question is to shake the thing for at least two minutes and boom, we have our creamy nitro coffee in front of us.

  • Exclusive “Nitro brew” feature
  • Can make creamy or foamy coffee
  • Can Save a lot of money
  • Cartridges sold separately


According to our experience, it can save a hell of a lot of money if you are habitual to drinking Nitro coffee from expensive coffee brands like Starbucks. They charge a hell of a lot of money for the same thing which you can make in a minute sitting at home. Yes, you have to do a one-time little investment for that but it will be worth it.

Buyer’s Guide – How To Choose The Best Self-Dispensing Coffee Maker.

Coffee Maker is the must-have appliance for all cover lovers. There are a lot of benefits of making coffee at home as compared to buying coffee at expensive coffee brands like you can save a lot of money, experiment with different coffee flavours at home, brew multiple coffee cups at a time and the list goes on. There are a lot of things which you must consider before buying a great coffee maker. 

Custom Brewing Options

This is a must-have thing whenever you buy a coffee maker for personal use, especially at home. There is no point if you buy a coffee maker that can make different flavoured coffee for you and that can only be done by a coffee maker that has custom brew options.

Mostly, the new generation coffee makers which are automatic and a little complicated to use always have this feature. Although, old models usually don’t have this feature. So, always make sure to check whether the coffee maker you are buying has this feature or not.

Brewing Time 

After checking several important metrics like the price, brand model, features, etc always check the brewing time of your coffee maker. These are the metrics on which the quality and taste of your coffee are highly dependable.

Brewing time also depends on various things like what type of coffee you are brewing and what is the capacity of the number of cups that your coffee machine can serve at a specific time.

For example, if you are using a drip coffee maker then it would generally take 6-8 minutes to brew a coffee and if you are using an espresso machine for the same purpose then it would take only 40-60 seconds.

Built-in Water Filter 

It isn’t a mandatory thing to have a filter in a coffee maker but it does increase the taste and quality of coffee many times as compared to a coffee that is made from a non-filtered coffee maker. 

The main advantage of having a coffee filter is that you can pour tap water directly into the reservoir of your coffee maker to be filtered as you use it. If you don’t have a built-in water filter, you may have to use some external source to filter your water like a pitcher or faucet.

These are some important points that if you consider then they will help you to choose the right self coffee maker for you.

The Key Takeaway

Coffee lovers always need to have their coffee sip in the morning before doing anything else. It doesn’t make any sense to spend a lot of money going to cafes and spend your hard-earned income daily on buying coffee cups. After testing a lot of hundreds of coffee makers we have provided a list of the best self-dispensing coffee makers which can help you to choose which type of coffee maker is best for you and which is not, all depends on your needs and requirements.

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