Ninja CF091 vs. Ninja CM401 – The Ultimate Review and Buying Guide

It is estimated that around half of this globe’s total population starts their day with a coffee or tea sip. So, there is no need to tell how much value a cup of coffee holds in the morning.

Not everyone is an early bird who can get up and go to the coffee shops in the morning to have the morning coffee. So, what is the solution to this problem?

The best solution to this problem is to buy a coffee maker which can serve you delicious coffee in the morning or whenever you want.

There are thousands of brands that sell coffee makers. However, not all of them are good for you or can suit you; only a few of them can guarantee long-term stability for the invested amount.

There are many renowned brand names in the market; for example,  Ninja is a popular name for coffee makers and bars. Its highly affordable products offer fantastic ease and are known to be durable and reliable for long-term use.

After testing nearly all the Ninja coffee makers, we select the two best Ninja coffee maker companies: Ninja CF091 and  Ninja CM401. 

Here are the detailed review and comparison of Ninja CF091 vs. Ninja CM40.

Ninja CF091 vs. Ninja CM401

Image Product Feature Price
Top Pick
Ninja CF091 Coffee Maker
Built-in Frother, 50 oz, Cafe Forte Check On Amazon
Ninja CM401 Coffee Maker
6 Brew Sizes, Iced coffee, Heating Plate Check On Amazon

1. Ninja CF091 coffee maker

There are several users of Ninja products around the globe. Another add-on to the list is Ninja CF091, which is another mesmerizing product from the house of Ninja. 

Indeed, after using multiple products launched by the company, we have decided to discuss the most innovative one from the house of Ninja, Ninja CF091. 

Making the use of coffee beans, we brewed small and large cups of coffee, tested it as well, and brewed a few pots in the glass carafe. 

After testing it twice or thrice, we noticed how other brewing systems remain far behind the one we were working on. 

Let us talk about some of the most highlighted and unique aspects of the Ninja CF091 in detail.


With a front arm that remains ahead and a cup holder in place, the machine comes along with modernity and unique looks. It seems very similar to a robot. 

It might not look 100% futuristic, but it is absolutely a modern one. There is a frother which is attached to the machine. However, one can even swing it out for use. 

The machine even requires both of your hands for proper working. One presses the top button while the other supports the full container. 

Water Reservoir

Here comes another catchy feature of the machine, which makes it the perfect option to get chosen.

The water reservoir is another top-notch feature of the machine. It highlights the amount of water remaining or how much water should be added. 

We loved the machine’s gripping as it can be easily lifted or grabbed and even move the reservoir in case of full or empty. 

With this machine’s use, we noticed that it holds certain features that stand unique from the other devices.


We started with the basic carafe of drip coffee and obtained good results. The positive side of the machine is that we can froth cold as well as hot milk. 

However, when we required the hot-frothed milk, we did it separately. As the brewed coffee was quite hot, we tried spooning on the cold-frothed milk.

Mainly, Brew is one of the espresso-like coffee. It often brews 4 ounces. However, it is not a real espresso. Yet, we loved the ability to brew an additional strong cup that can be used to build a cappuccino.

Drip-Drop feature

One such is the drip-drop feature. It makes use of the liver to stop the flow. Though, other machines might stop brewing as soon as the carafe is removed. 

However, unlike those, CF091 comes up with a lever feature. It highlights the process of straightaway brewing the mug or cup without the carafe in place. 

While working on the machine, a light was noticed, which reminds you that the drip-drop feature is enabled.


Another impeccable feature is Preheating feature. It assures to keep the water hot as it should be while starting up the brewing process. 

We handled the machine and even bypassed it several times but didn’t notice any adverse effect. 

The rich, classic, and over-ice coffee can be brewed in all the available sizes. It can include one extra-large cup, one extra-large travel, one cup, one-half carafe, one travel mug, or one full carafe.

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  • Reusable metal filter
  • Spread out the showerhead
  • Easy to add water to the coffee maker
  • Doesn’t brew at 195-205 degrees.


As per our experience, we can finalize that there are several features and pros of Ninja CF091, which makes it stand apart from the queue. It’s smart, stylish, productive, and ultimately a user-friendly machine. The presence of a manual supports the measurement of cups and mugs. It is done to eliminate the chances of overfilling while brewing. You should surely try it once and get the coffee of your choice prepared in no time.

2. Ninja CM401 coffee maker

The Ninja Specialty Coffee Maker is not just a regular coffee maker. Launched by SharkNinja, a company well known for manufacturing a wide variety of household goods.

From ovens to steam mops and coffee brewers, it is well suited to the needs of any devoted lover of coffee. 

In appearance, it is robust, consistent, and elegant. When we tested out the Ninja ourselves, we were impressed with its performance.

This highly flexible machine can make almost any kind of coffee drink that you prefer.

The ability to execute several operations using a limited amount of space is one of the biggest things we experienced about the Ninja.

We found several features to this machine that makes it more than worth the price, with a measuring scoop, refillable water reservoir, an optional glass or thermal carafe. 

Different Brew Choices

While this beautiful model machine by Ninja, we have found that it is very versatile and provide various brew sizes for every coffee lover.

As we mentioned, it offers several brewing choices. It is the machine that can produce almost any form of coffee you prefer, efficiently and effectively. 

Its remarkable versatility is the overall attribute of this computer that makes it a top seller. The Ninja is more than just a coffee maker.

Built Quality

It’s a computer built with quality consistency and outstanding efficiency to complete multiple coffees, making tastes effectively.

The heating unit measures about 1500 watts as far as wattage is concerned. Weighing in at 13.4 lbs, the coffee maker measurements are 12-8.8-15, making it a real space saver.

When we were testing this product, we get to know that although it offers some robust stainless steel parts, most of the system still consists of plastic and glass.

Various Brew Sizes

Another significant aspect of the Ninja is its choice of sizes for brewing. We were provided with a knob-shaped dial to choose between various sizes giving full control of exactly how much coffee to brew.

A small cup (9.5 oz), a big cup (11.5 oz), a travel mug (14 oz), a large travel mug (18 oz), a half carafe, and a whole carafe are included in the sizes. 

We also found it flexible in choices of brewing types. The Ninja’s settings consist of classic Brew, Rich Brew, over ice brew, and specialty, brewed for hot and cold coffee drinks.

Auto Brew Timer

Another brew setting feature that the Ninja comes with is a timer for self-brewing, like many high-end coffee makers.

We found the option to choose what brew size/style we wanted in advance when we would drink it as if this incredible machine was not already sufficiently powerful.

This role adds to the already tremendous amount of power and flexibility that the Ninja has.

Heating Plate

Although the frother does not heat the milk itself, it is an excellent feature that is easy to use and super compact.

It is good to keep your coffee warm for a while after brewing after you brew your coffee. The Ninja’s heated plate is built for about 2 hours to keep your pot/cup/mug/whatever of coffee warm.

It not only makes the machine look elegant, lightweight, and not super clunky-looking, but it also allows your kitchen to save space.

However, we should remember that no heating plate is included if you buy a coffee maker with a thermal carafe.

It will do well for the first few years or so of getting it because of this, but sadly it has a higher chance of breaking or malfunctioning faster than other coffee brewing machines in the commercial style.

  • Self-Brewing Timer
  • Heated Plate
  • Foldable Frother
  • Little Delicate


All in all, in our experience, a perfect addition to every at-home coffee brewer’s kitchen is the Ninja Specialty Coffee Maker CM401. Many coffee drinkers are highly preferred at home; there is a lot to love about this robust machine. The Ninja can stand on its own in the coffee brewing environment, from its sleek nature to its robustness and durability. The Ninja is bound to become a fast favourite if you’re on the market for something versatile, inexpensive, and reliable.

3. Ninja CF091 vs. Ninja CM401 – Ultimate Buying Guide.

Ninja CF091 and Ninja CM401 are both top-notch models of the same company. It is no wonder if you are still confused about which one is the best ninja coffee maker model for you. Don’t worry. We will help you to get out of this dilemma.

From our experience, we are going to tell you some points. If you consider and analyze them thoroughly, choosing the right Ninja coffee maker will be a piece of cake. Here is the list of those points.

Warming Plate

It is a noticeable feature that is available only in Ninja CF091, not in Ninja CM401. This feature helps its users to keep the coffee warm for many hours without going bitter.

If you are one of those who like to make coffee only once a day but often drinks a day, then going with Ninja CF091 will be ideal.

Programmable Delay Brew

Again this feature is best for those who don’t like to brew their coffee many times a day.

Ninja CM401 allows its user to auto-program size, brew type, and time you want the Brew to begin. Unfortunately, this particular feature is not available in Ninja CF091.

Cafe Forte

It is a Ninja coffee maker brand exclusive feature that is available in Ninja coffee models. Moreover, it is available in only a few Ninja models, and one of them is Ninja CF091.

Cafe Forte amplifies and enhances every bit of your coffee, makes it better, and gives it a complex flavor after brewing. No doubt, it offers Ninja CF091 a significant edge over Ninja CM041.

4. The Key Takeaway

We understand that it is a tough choice between Ninja CF091 vs. Ninja CM401. Both models have various features and have some standard features. Both the models’ instinctive and innate features allow users of every age to use them with serenity.

If we talk about the needs of coffee addicts, then every single coffee lover has their own needs. So it is advisable to choose and buy that ninja coffee maker that fulfills all your requirements and needs.

For example, Ninja CM401 has the feature of programmable delay brew, available in Ninja CF091. However, Ninja CM401 does not provide a warming plate, which maintains the ideal coffee temperature, whereas Ninja CM091 has that feature.

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