How to Clean a Stainless Steel Coffee Pot 2021

When it comes to kitchen appliances, stainless steel products are trendy these days, so it makes sense to brew your favorite morning drink in a stainless steel coffee pot to have a great taste. Unfortunately, the process to clean a stainless steel coffee pot is not that easy.

Having coffee remnants on your pot is something annoying. Are you having difficulties with cleaning your coffee pot? 

If the answer is yes, then this article is written for you. Keep reading this article which will help you find the most suitable solution for your problem.

Stainless steel coffee-making pots are pretty popular these days. Daily using this product can get brown stains, and water deposits at the pot’s inside wall, especially at its bottom. 

It is not easy to clean a stained stainless steel coffee pot. It requires a process different from cleaning some other coffee pot.

If you are a coffee lover, then you need a time-saving and easy way to clean your stainless-steel coffee pot. This way will give you more time to enjoy your coffee without being worried about cleaning the pot. 

4 Methods to Clean a Stainless Steel Coffee Pot

How to clean a stainless steel coffee pot

To clean your coffee pot effectively, there are several ways. However, we will discuss the most effective methods in this article.

We show you how to clean your stainless steel coffee pot so you can continue to enjoy your morning coffee in style.

The advantages of these methods are that they are easy, cheap, and save your time. It’s highly effective in cleaning your stainless-steel pot and making it ready for the next cup of coffee.

1. Use Detergent and Water

We will begin with the easiest method ever. All you need for this method is detergent and some water you will find in your home. 

  • First things first, you have to fill the pot with tap water, and it will be better if you fill the pot with hot water.
  • Then add a few spoons of detergent in the pot according to the size of your coffee pot.
  • Let the coffee pot sit for a few hours, for example, two or three.
  • After waiting for this long, carefully remove all the dirty water from the pot and rewash it with clean water.
  • In the end, rinse the pot nicely, and you are good to go for your next coffee. 

Now you are done with the first method. If you still have some coffee remnants, you should go for the following procedure to clean a stainless steel coffee pot.

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2. Vinegar Method

You need hot boiled water in the vinegar method, and no need to tell “vinegar.” Follow the given steps to apply this formula.

  • First of all, take equal water and vinegar measures to put in the coffee hot.
  • Add equal measures of both hot water and vinegar
  • Let them cool for a while. 
  • After that, scrub the pot to get rid of any vinegar remnants, 
  • Rinse it with water several times, and that’s it.

This method is a little time-consuming, but it’s worth it to give it a try. Many people have told us that this method has worked well for them.

3. Hot Water and Baking Soda Method

In this method, you will need hot water, baking soda, and of course, your pot. If you do not have a bottle of baking soda in your home, get up and head straight to the market and grab one. 

  • Take a cup of baking soda and add it in your coffee pot with the strains to do the first step.
  • Add the hot water until the pot is filled.
  • You have to pour it and let it sit for enough time, around 30 mins.
  • Rinse your pot with clean water.
  • As a result, you will get it better than the first look when you decide to buy it.

This method is one of the most effective ways you will ever find to clean a stainless steel coffee pot with coffee strains in it. If there is still something left in your coffee pot, then you should check and apply the following method. 

4. Tea Kettle Method

This is also one of the easiest ways to clean your coffee pot, and it will only take a maximum of 30 minutes of your time. With the help of this method, all of your coffee strains in your coffee pot will be gone in no time.

The things you will need for this method is a tea kettle, dishwasher pod, and water

  • Fill the kettle with water and place it on top of a high stove. 
  • Put the pot in the sink and put a washing machine like Cascade in the cafe. 
  • As soon as the water boils, pour boiling water into the pot until it is complete.
  • Let the decanter sit for about 30 minutes while the washing liquid and water have done the job.
  • Clean the pot with water and liquid soap, and then pour the soapy water into the sink. 
  • Rinse the carafe thoroughly with cold water, and that’s it.

This tea kettle method is a traditional method that people generally used a long time ago to clean their coffee pots when there were no modern facilities. However, this method still works very fine.

The Final Conclusion

There is no perfect method in the world that definitely will work for you and clean your stainless steel coffee pot in an instant ; the best you can do is to try every technique mentioned above and see for yourself what is working for you and what’s not.

The choice of a method depends on the simplicity or magnitude of the problem. 

All the products, techniques, and steps described above are essential. However, to be successful, you may not need to try all the steps indicated. 

Sometimes you need to add the water to the pot and bring it to a boil again, adding baking soda, among others. 

Whenever the existence of a stain is verified, it must be acted upon immediately before the color becomes stuck, which may in the future make removal difficult.

Now you’ve learned how to clean a stainless steel coffee pot so you can continue to enjoy Joe’s morning cup, so why not share these coffee pot cleaning tips with friends and family. 

With these different options, you will have a pot of coffee so clean that you forget how long you have been there!

Most homes will have the ingredients needed to clean a steel coffee pot. If you own a stainless coffee pot, I hope this cleaning tip will help you!

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