Best Single Cup Grind and Brew Coffee Maker 2021 – Ultimate Buying Guide

Whenever it comes down to the list of hot beverages, coffee is, without a doubt, one of the most liked and taken hot drinks in the world. 

You can barely see any person who does not take it because it also provides energy to the body and refreshes the day apart from its vast range of flavours.

Many buyers get confused about buying the best coffee maker for all their tastes and preferences. “Which brand to choose? 

Should I buy the grinder separately or integrate it with the maker? What’s the best affordable coffee maker available online?”

Don’t worry because all of your doubts are going to be cleared here. 

After spending months and testing hundreds of coffee makers, we selected some of the best single cup grind and brew coffee makers, especially for you.

After reading this guide, you can easily decide which coffee maker suits you the best.

Best Single Cup Grind and Brew Coffee Maker List

Image Product Feature Price
Top Pick
Breville-BDC650BSS (Grind Control)
Programmable Auto-Start, LCD Display, Bean Hopper included. Check On Amazon
KRUPS XP3208 Coffee Maker
Large Water Reservoir, Single as well as Double Espresso Check On Amazon
Keurig K15 Coffee Maker
Removable Drip Tray, Auto-Off Feature, Different Brew Sizes Check On Amazon
Capresso 465 10-Cup Digital Coffee maker
Gold-Tone Coffee Filter, Conical Burr Grinder, Easy to Clean Check On Amazon

1. Breville BDC650BSS Grind Control Coffee Maker

No matter if you want a whole pot or one cup of coffee, Breville Coffee maker will make sure you get the best coffee in the morning.

Get rid of one serving of coffee and go to this gorgeous coffee maker, which lets you enrich your morning with a great start with coffee. 

There is an option for fresh beans, which you do not have to grind for yourself if you buy a package from the right retailer. It also saves you much money—an excellent option for those opting to search for a new coffee maker.

The Breville coffee maker will not force you to keep refilling it each time there is a 12-cup pot of the real thing, and it also has a large water tank capacity.

Design and Built

This efficiently built mechanical art-work owns a lot. The upper body includes a massive beam Hopper, following a flat machined brewer(better than the older mechanical one). 

The Beam hopper passes the sprucely ground coffee to the gold-toned collector.

It then filters down into the cup waiting for me as the LCD panel notified me through the tiny red light on it. 

Capacity and Strength

The newly introduced feature is its conversion as a one-cup brewing machine into 12 cups brewing beast. 

At first, I started having a single cup, usually 400 ml. But recently, I tried the entire carafe. After more than 3 hours, the last mug was still delicious and at a drinkable temperature. 

The recommendations are to use the 4th unit of strength for a smooth one, and it happens. But If someone is feeling dizzy at the moment, try out the 8th unit of power with the grinding level at three.

Perfect Temperature Adjustment

Both the coffee maker and carafe work exceptionally well in terms of temperature sustainability. The ejector ejects the coffee, which is carefully measured 200 Degree Farenhite hot. This also goes the same with the carafe. 

Experiencing its usage, I have concluded that it can keep my coffee hot and tasty for about 12 straight hours. Yes! It is not the same as a fresh one but decently treats the tiredness.

LCD Panel

A proper LCD screen panel offers some vital analytics of the whole roasted beans to the coffee manufacturing process. 

It allows the user to set the strength of coffee as well as the quantity one wants. 

The screen on the front part of the coffee maker will give you accurate information on the brew performance’s strength level, how much time it takes to grind, and how long it takes to brew, etc.

Taste Comparison

The results for comparing a fresh one cup brewer coffee with each of the 12 cup carafe coffee are remarkably stunning.

The single cup of coffee owns a little bit of sour acidic but smooth taste while the carafe’s cup tastes stronger. 

  • Can use pre-ground coffee.
  • Relatively quiet when making the coffee.
  • Six different grinding settings
  • The hopper design can be improved


My recommendations are announcing this fully equipped coffee maker as a real deal to put hands on. When we were testing this product then in every aspect, it performs best and represents its brand name, keenly. So, the person having efficiently built machinery like this will surely start his day with some extra zeal and zest.

2. KRUPS XP3208 Coffee Maker

Regardless of whether over a refreshing morning, a late evening latte or an after-supper hand-beaten cuppa, we love genuine associations that lead to new beginnings, groundbreaking thoughts or essentially extraordinary talks.

Some time ago, getting the best beans and broiling them at home was unrealistic for everybody.

With KRUPS XP3208 15-BAR Pump Espresso and Cappuccino Coffee Maker, it is relatively feasible for everybody to broil the coffee in their homes’ solace.

Design and Build

Krupp’s coffee maker comes with a simple and intuitive configuration which makes it easy for you to use, even without reading the instruction manual.

Its sleek black design is undoubtedly going to give a classy look to your place.

We like that it has a straightforward design that makes it easy to use for even someone completely new to this device. 

The only thing that could be improved is the water tank on the machine’s backside, which does not seem to be very secured.

Glass Carafe with Auto-Programmable 

It has a 24-hour programmable timer; It’s effortless to set the clock and schedule for the next morning’s coffee- there’s nothing better than freshly ground coffee to wake up the day.

You can make a maximum of 14-15 cups that can also be set to as less as 2 or 3 and the 2-hour warm element ensures a hot coffee cup anytime.

This coffee maker has an advanced glass carafe that maintains the ideal temperature and avoids burnt taste. The carafe is conveniently marked with water levels to help in loading.

Built-in Grinder

The integrated burr grinder is quieter than any other coffee maker. You get a total of five grinding settings to choose from—different types of grinding work uniformly and as to your selection.

 You can also regulate the strength of the brew in 3 levels (mild, medium and healthy) to make the perfect taste as to your preference.

This coffee maker by KRUPS ensures that you don’t have to clean the maker after every pot, which is so convenient. It only needs minimal cleaning every two weeks.

Hassle-Free and User Friendly

It comes with a backlit LCD touch screen that helps you program it easily. Again, the auto- shut off feature shuts the maker automatically if you forget to do so at night.

This feature lessens the electricity bills owing to low power consumption.

Though some users find it a little pricey, it’s worth every penny. It provides apt value in return for the price. Another con is that there is no carbon cartridge inside the box.

However, you can easily buy it separately with minimal cost. But in general, you don’t need it, as its golden tune filter is sufficient anyway.

  • Simple and intuitive configuration
  • Quieter is grinding with a burr grinder
  • Minimal cleaning
  • Have to purchase a cartridge separately.


Our research found that KRUPS GRIND AND BREW COFFEE MAKER is a satisfying combination of all the features that you, as a coffee lover, would desire. It’s simple but benefiting programming features, and hassle-free use makes it the best grind and brew maker available. We can proudly say that we didn’t face any issues with this coffee maker when we were testing it.

3. Keurig K15 Coffee Maker

Is your day incomplete without a nice cup of coffee? But you don’t want to spend exorbitantly over a Starbucks coffee?

Then, it would be best if you tried out this mini coffee machine by Keurig.

The Keurig K15 coffee maker is the ideal portable coffee machine, also known as mini K15. We tried this product and curated this review to give you a vivid glimpse of the product.

Small and Compact Design

The Keurig K15 Mini is small, sleek, and portable. The coffee machine can fit anywhere, and the cord storage feature helps in carrying it anywhere easily. 

The coffee maker is available in a broad and attractive range of colours, including black, plum, orange, red, green, oasis, platinum, etc. The human interface input comprises buttons. 

The Keurig K15 mini portable coffee maker weighs around 16 ounces and is made of sturdy plastic material, which primarily contributes to its lightweightness.

Water Reservoir Size

The K 15 Mini has a small water tank holding one cup of water at a time. The small size of the water tank facilitates reducing the coffee machine’s size and makes it portable.

Keurig K15 Coffee maker blends a creamy, smooth, and heavenly cup each time with the quality you anticipate.

Essential touch catches make your fermenting experience calm. 

Brew Sizes K Cup Pods

You can brew coffee for cup sizes between 6, 8, 10 ounces and for hundreds of K-Cup variants.

You can choose over 500 brands and numerous K-Cup pods. If you like to brew bold coffee, it is recommended to select a 6-ounce cup size.

Drip Tray Provision

We found that the coffee machine is provided with a removable drip tray which can conveniently accommodate even taller travel mugs.

It can even hold a full accidental brew, making it extremely easy to clean up such unintentional messes.

This is a praiseworthy feature of the Keurig K 15 Mini machine.

Energy Consumption

The Keurig K15 coffee machine is intelligently built to detect machine idleness for more than a minute and turn it off automatically to conserve energy.

  • Portable size
  • Lightweight and compact design.
  • Auto-off feature available
  • Lack of a more significant water reservoir


Keurig K15 Coffee maker is expertly designed to convey a reliably flavorful drink insight, giving you a similar extraordinary in taste, significantly more than one cup. You can make and tweak your ideal drink, at the bit of a catch, and plan Keurig K15 Coffee maker and all the more how you like it. So, coffee lovers, if you are planning to buy a coffee maker for yourself, then you can go for the Keurig K15 Mini. 

4. Capresso 465 TS 10-Cup Digital Coffeemaker

Every human mind summons for relaxation and strives for consumption which makes their intellect progress in their vision.

To achieve this, Capresso 465 Coffeeteam TS 10-Cup Digital Coffeemaker plays a vital role in human’s life. 

You are equipped with a burr grinder to brew a cup of fresh coffee with coffee beans. Highlights a stainless steel warm carafe to keep your coffee entirely hot for quite a long time without reheating.

Tempered steel complements through the machine make this the most complex Coffee Maker/Burr Grinder mix available.

Automatic Start Function

Entering the clock mode and setting the time wanted to start automatically, the programmable clock will present the machine start time and begin brewing coffee at the predefined time. 

Automatically crushes new entire beans preceding before brewing which is fundamental to preserve the most flavour from the coffee.

Adjustable Clock/Timer will enable you to adjust the timer when to crush and brew automatically.

Conical Burr Grinder

The sluggish crushing of the burrs grants minimal heat, protecting more aroma than blade grinding, just as taking into consideration a better, more uniform grind.

The gradual grinding of the burrs means minimum heat retaining more fragrance than the grinding of the razor.

It also makes a smoother and more uniform grinding than a hybrid unit with a blade grinder.

 A charcoal filtration system with an electronic sensor indicates when to substitute a carbon water filter

Easy to Clean and Operate 

A removable see-through cover lets you check the ground coffee stream and makes it extremely hygienic the grinder channel.

The coffee beans are gathered and ground by the burr grinder, recollecting the full flavour of the beans. The coffee powder will descend directly on the filter.

The monitor displays the period, the power setting, and how many cups the grinder is designed for two setups: BREW (for pre-ground coffee) and GRIND/BREW (to get whole bean coffee). 

  • Gold-Tone filter is user-friendly and safe
  • High water storage capacity
  • An automated shut-off system is available
  • Smaller than the standard bean hopper.


We found that this model is planned in a nutshell, so the steam doesn’t back up into the crushing chamber. This is the main issue with granulate and blends! As Cuisinart and Krups, different models have moisture back up into the crushing chamber, which requires everyday cleaning of wet coffee beans out of the pound chamber and the shaft to the channel region. If you truly need the best crush and brew available, this is it.

5. Best Single Cup Grind and Brew Coffee Maker – Ultimate Buying Guide

It isn’t an incredible deal if you cannot figure things out correctly which coffee maker you should buy because buying a coffee maker is not a part of our daily routine. In months or years, we only bought it once.

Don’t worry, as we are here presenting you a full-fledged guide about which single cup and brew coffee maker you should buy, which will help you choose the right coffee maker for you.

Auto Programmable 

In our list, nearly all the coffee makers are auto-programmable, which means they have convenient features for their users like auto-on and auto-off.

Now the question comes what the extent of each coffee maker for the same purpose is?

For example, we have noticed that in the Breville BDC650BSS coffee maker, along with the automatic on and off, you can also automate the temperature settings of the coffee maker so that it can deliver the coffee of excellent strength at the perfect time.

Cup Warmer Feature

This feature is a KRUPS exclusive feature that helps its user keep the cup warm for a long time as the name of the part itself denotes its meaning.

This feature is one of the reasons why people love KRUPS so much.

This feature is introduced by the company generally for the people who like to do many things simultaneously.

If the user sometimes forgets to drink his coffee, he doesn’t have to make the coffee again. 


The less a coffee maker needs cleaning, and the more its users love it. We all know how often we clean machines at our home.

Whenever we buy something, we always check how often the device needs cleaning.

According to our experience, we think that Keurig K15 and KRUPS XP3208 from our list tops this metric.

It is because we barely remember when the last time we cleaned both of these coffee makers. 

6. The Key Takeaway

There are thousands of brands in the market for coffee alcoholics. Yes, it is not that easy for everyone to instantly choose a good coffee maker for him or her. 

There are not only different coffee maker brands in the market, but there are also coffee maker types.

For example, drip coffee maker, french press coffee maker, espresso coffee maker, single cup coffee maker, and the list goes on.

That’s why we are here and bought you this ultimate best single cup grind and brew coffee maker buying guide so that you can easily choose the most appropriate coffee maker for you according to your needs.

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