Best Espresso Machines Under $600 – Buyer’s Guide and Reviews

If you are a coffee lover, then you probably might be interested in trying out espresso coffees. We all know that when we go to a cafe or espresso bar and ask for a cup of espresso, we get a glass of a potent mixture of coffees.

These coffees give an entirely different taste as we drink regular coffees. Sometimes we also desire to make delicious cappuccinos or cafe mochas, and we look for the best espresso machines.

While we also think we can get the full taste of espresso beverages from a standard coffee machine, but it’s not true. To get a perfect espresso coffee, it’s essential to buy a good espresso machine.

However, finding out an ideal espresso machine is not an easy task. To help you find the best espresso machine, we have come up with the top four espresso machines under $600.

1. Best Espresso Machines Under $600 in 2021

After analyzing several espresso machines, we have come with the four best espresso machines under $600 to make you get the exact taste of espresso bars at your home.

Image Product Feature Price
Top Pick
Breville BES840BSXL Espresso Machine
Volumetric and shot control, Optimal water pressure Check On Amazon
Calphalon Temp IQ Espresso Machine
Thermoblock heating technology, Removable 2.8L water reservoir Check On Amazon
Nespresso Lattissima Pro Espresso Machine
Rapid heat-up time, Nespresso capsule system Check On Amazon
Philips 3200 Automatic Espresso Machine
12-step grinder adjustment, Intuitive touch display Check On Amazon

2. Breville BES840BSXL- The Infuser Espresso Machine with Black Sesame

If you are bored of trying regular coffee every single day, you should consider espresso coffees. To get the exact taste like express coffee, you need to pay attention while buying espresso machines.

It makes your coffee-making job easier and delivers the best experience. Suppose you want to make a cafe latte or a cafe mocha. You can make it happen by your hand with the help of the Breville espresso machine.

The Breville infuse provides optimal flavor along with thridding weave specialty on every single cup.

Breville Infuse comes with four formulas that help to create a substantial balance on the coffee materials.

It gives you four fundamental formulas to make the perfect does of beans and precise flavor.

You can maintain the right optimal water pressures and have specific temperate control. Besides, it also gives you micro foam milk for latte art.

You can control the volume of each pour with a single touch of a button. You will get options to choose one shot or two shots to prepare coffee at your convenience.

For optimal water pressure, it has low-pressure pre-infusion that significantly increases pressure at the starting point. Further, it also ensures that all the flavors are formed during the extraction for a balanced cup.

While experimenting with this espresso coffee maker, we also found out. It maximizes flavor potential by having low-pressure pre-infusion and digital PIT temperate control.

It is utterly adjustable in 4 ⁰F full increments that lead to the right extraction every time.

We also found it has high power 1650w element for a high-pressure stream and quick heating capacity.

It creates the necessary micro foam for third-wave specialty taste to offer you the perfect taste of espresso coffee.

  • Automatically extracts at the perfect temperature
  • Multiple accessories: stainless steel jug, coffee scoop, water filter with holder
  • 1-year warranty
  • Consumes 1700 watts power
  • Not easy to handle due to more weight.


Breville Infuse comes with four fundamental formulas that deliver rich taste. It is also suitable for perfect balance taste. With having four different essential procedures that make every single cup creamy. It creates an outstanding performance among other espresso machines. This product is entirely suitable for those who love to have the exact taste of espresso bars. We have curated this product in our list because it is the best espresso machine. After all, it is the best espresso machine for under $600.

3. Calphalon Temp IQ Espresso Machine with Grinder and Steam Wand

Coffee plays a significant role in everyone’s life. Since we all are trapped in the pandemic, we can’t easily find good coffee bars.

We can’t even order the same coffee every single day. So it becomes mandatory to have an excellent espresso machine that can make instant coffee.

In our test, we have come up with our next espresso machine, name Calphalon Temp IQ. This espresso machine is slightly different from others. 

The Calphlon Tem IQ Espresso Machine comes with an elegant look and stainless appliance. 

This coffee machine is suitable for significant kitchens and looks excellent due to its dynamic color and sleek look.

Another great thing is, it blends well with other stainless appliances. Even if you don’t have any experience making top-class espresso drinks, you can easily make them with this machine. 

This espresso machine comes with a grinder and has a great heating capacity for tasting espresso. It has an integrated conical burr mill grinder that delivers 30 adjustable grind options for fresh espresso in every cup. 

Our test found that the IQ system has thermal block heating technology and PID temperature settings. It creates heat during the espresso extraction blends with mild pre-infusion to bloom the coffee. 

The Calphlon Tem IQ Espresso Machine also has powerful steam that delivers creamy froth and microfoam milk for lattes and cappuccinos. We also found it has auto short volumetric control, allocating the right among water for 1 or 2 cups of espresso. 

This espresso machine has a cup warming tray and hot water facility for ready espresso cups. It includes stainless steel milk pitcher and dual wall filters, cleaning dis, and cleaning pin. All of these requirements help to under process the milk and water to blend in optimum level. 

  • Perfectly suited for all types of kitchens and offices
  • Ultimate precision 1 and 2 shot settings
  • Easy to clean
  • Instant warmup facility
  • Nonstop thermoblock heater
  • Requires little necessary barista skills to operate it.
  • It has no water sensor
  • The group head tabs are made of plastic


The Calphlon Tem IQ Espresso Machine comes with a compact and elegant look. It does not command supreme barista skills. Once you practice few times, you can quickly make espresso. It is also suitable for home use and office. Anyone can efficiently operate this machine due it its simplicity. This machine is perfect for those who need real taste espresso coffee. Also, it is one of the best espresso machines for under $600. 

4. Nespresso Lattissima Pro Original Espresso Machine by De’Longhi

If you are looking to make amazing tasty lattes, cappuccinos, and espressos at home, consider Nespresso’s Lattissima Pro expresso machine. The great thing about this machine is, you don’t need any training to make tasty espressos.

We are mainly talking about the “Nespresso Lattissima Pro Original Espresso Machine with Milk Frother by DeLonghi.” This espresso machine has an elegant look and stainless steel industrial design that works well in any kitchens or offices.

This machine has an automatic cappuccino system that creates perfectly layered espresso beverages—having these features make rich and long-lasting in every cup of espressos.  

In our test, we have observed it has ultimate conveniences with its capsule system. It means the recyclable aluminum capsules have the most delicate espressos for real taste without any cleaning up or measurement. 

This espresso machine has a Milk carafe capacity of over 16 ounces (5liters). The best thing about De’Longhis’ Lattissima extraction system is that it creates a unique water flow with 19 bars of pressure.

Also, it offers the ultimate value for blending the most flavor and sought temperature in each cup.

We also find out; it has an excellent capacity for milk extraction. During the process of extraction, the integrated carafe delivers milk at adjustable levels for the taste.

While processing milk, it is designed in such a way that no milk combines with the machine. We show it has a quick heat-up time and delivers delicious espresso in seconds. Also, the Thermo block heating features fasts cold-start eating time minutes into seconds. 

The Nespresso Lattissima Pro Original Espresso Machine has a one-touch intuitive digital touchscreen system. It offers a simple way to use the machine and experience all types of coffee and milk recipes.

You can make Cappuccino, Lattle macchiao and Esppreso in single touch. Another great thing we have found is that it gives delicious coffee and milk recipes.

Also, the milk is foamed to the right level and delivers the most indulgent Cappuccino. 

  • It has a 19 bar high-pressure pump setting
  • Reaches the ideal temperature under 40 seconds
  • It has an Instinctive descaling and energy-saving program
  • This machine is not suitable for children under three years.


The Nespresso’s Lattissima Pro expresso machine has the latest technology control panel. You can make delicious Cappuccino, Latte Macchio, hot water, and many recipes at a touch. You can practice all types of milk coffee recipes. Besides, it has excellent heating capacity for desired temperate. So you don’t need to wait for every cup. This machine is perfectly suitable for home and office use—also much better options than other brands. 

5. Philips 3200 Series Fully Automatic Espresso Machine with Milk Frother

How many times you visit a coffee shop and pay $5 for each cup? Well, it’s easy to grab a ready-made coffee at the espresso bars. Instead, why not make coffee on your own with having Phillips 3200 Coffee machine.

It is effortless to make coffees and other milk recipes through Phillips 3200 espresso machine. You will end up saving your money for the long term because you won’t feel like going to coffee bars again. 

The Phillips 3200 Series is a fully automatic espresso machine. In our test, we have found that you can make four types of coffees in few seconds.

This espresso machine has a specialty for making espresso, coffee, Americans, Lunoo, and hot water. It has an outstanding touch screen display.

One of the best things we have found is the milk solution of this machine. It gives you a classic milk frother setting for optimizing all levels of coffee and espresso recipes.

We also observed it has three aroma strength settings and 12 smart grinder settings for quick blending. 

The Phillips 3200 espresso machines get you three levels of ultimate temperature settings. It has a 12 step grinder adjustment setting, so you don’t need to wait for your delicious cup.

You don’t need to be a professional barista maker to operate this machine. Phillips 3200 espresso is one of the best and efficient operating appliances for everyone.

It has an aroma seal that keeps your beans fresh for a more extended period.

In our test, we also found that it is incredibly removable and easy to clean. It also has dishwasher-safe parts.

  • It provides an intuitive touch display and an easy control panel
  • The Classic milk frother allows the preparation of delicious milk for Cappuccino
  • The filter in the water delivers an outstanding crisp taste.
  • It is cumbersome
  • The setup process can be tedious for beginners


Philips 3200 Series Fully Automatic Espresso Machine has an intuitive touch display which makes the espresso process super-fast. You can make Cappuccino, silky smooth latte macchiato, and various espresso recipes at your fingertips. It has an aqua clean filter that makes the cleaning job much more comfortable than other espresso machines. The one thing which makes it so unique apart from other espresso machine is its 100% ceramic grinders. You can enjoy fresh automatic espresso coffees of over 20,000 cups. This machine is perfectly suitable for home and office uses. 

6. How to Choose the Best Espresso Machine Under $600 – Full Buying Guide

Industrial espresso machines are mainly available to keep the requirements of a cafe business. For this reason, it comes with different fundamentals as compared to home espresso machines.

They are designed to deliver systematically high-quality espressos and coffees all day, regardless of how crowded the coffee shop. Moreover, all the espresso machines are not created equally.

The machine you buy will dramatically impact your business. Even if you aren’t looking for business, people don’t purchase espresso machines daily.

So it will affect your daily life. To help you make the right decision, we recommend learning how espresso machines work and their types.

Further, you can match these factors listed below and have a look at which commercial or regular expresso will be best for your use.

Semi-Automatic vs. Automatic

Professional coffee makers have gone through several streams-powered coffee machines. It used to be a careful process of manually handling heavy levers.

It has become famous with today’s semi-automatic and automatic espresso machines.

For business around the world prefers an automatic espresso machine. The reason is, it delivers greater productivity and makes the blending process much more manageable. In this machine, you will don’t need to crunch the beans, tamp them, or have trouble achieving equal extraction levels.

It will also decrease the urgency for long-winded staff training. The learning edge of super-automatic espresso machines is effortless for those who don’t have any barista training.

However, if you want to use an espresso machine for your home or office, getting a manual extraction process machine, aka semi-automatic machine, will be a perfect decision.

The Capacity of the Espresso Machine

The capacity of the industrial or commercial espresso machine you should select depend on the scale of your business or budget.

If you are searching for espresso machines for business purposes, you should consider these critical questions.

Will your business have to serve hundreds of coffee cups every day? Do you have much space in your store for the espresso machine? How many baristas do you need to be able to hand the device simultaneously?

The machine’s capacity is prescribed by several Groupon heads and the range of the boiler.

The best and most professional coffee machines have between 3 to 4 group heads. This number of group heads dictates the number of baristas who can work on the appliance simultaneously.

Bear in mind; a more significant number isn’t always perfect as you may face any limited space issues.

Another thing you should consider in your mind is the Boiler capacity. It is also another de factos that you must consider while choosing the right coffee machine.

It should be convenient enough to price you proper hot water during peak hours.

Generally, the number of group heads available in a machine determined the large boiler capacity.

Besides, you should also note the size of the espresso machine in your mind. A large machine will cost more money and more prominent space, and it could even amuse your staff and increase productivity.

Ease of Use and Maintenance

The maintenance and ease of use are the most significant factors for high-performance and professional coffee machines. It also includes a daily cleaning routine and the comfort of preparing during the occurrence of technical problems.

According to folks at Seattle, Coffee Gear says. All automatic espresso machines are available today are hundred percent adaptable for bot ease of use and extraordinary maintenance. Still, it is worth finding practically every suitable model.

Most automatic espresso machine comes with self-cleaning add-ons features. Yet, it requires daily cleaning regularly. These machines generally have no detachable group-heads. Due to this, you will have to depend on the machine’s self-cleaning feature.

7. A Key Takeaway

You can choose an automatic commercial espresso machine that has removal parts. We have also talked about the best espresso machines that come with this specialty.

Having automatic espresso machines gives you the flexibility to do manual deep cleaning all the time. The only thing required is, you will need to learn or teach your staff how to use the machine.

We showed the best espresso machines under $600. All come with revolutionary components that deliver robust coffee taste in every single cup.

If you choose semi-automatic machines, they are much easier to maintain than automatic counterparts.

We recommend getting the best type that suits your needs. If you need the best espresso machines for regular use, consider any device mentioned in our list. All the machines we mentioned are curated, keeping in mind major technical aspects, including ease to use and maintenance.

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